Request Prayerful Help

Please send your request for prayerful help via email to: [email protected]

The Kindred of the Eternal rejoices to be able to announce that an applicant for recognition as a Prayer-helper has fulfilled our requirements, and is now recognized as a Prayer-helper.
The Kindred of the Eternal’s requirement for those who wish to be recognized as a Prayer-helper is that they furnish two hand-written letters of recommendation, one from a non-family member and the other from themself. If the letters appear to be genuine, and indicate a familiarity with this sacred work, the applicant is accepted for recognition.
The name of our new Prayer-helper, hopefully the first of many, is Dan Watts. Dan grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, lived with his family in Arizona for many years, and now resides on the California central coast. He began praying for others in his mid-twenties, and says his pro-bono spiritual work over the course of almost four decades has taught him a great deal about people’s love for and responsiveness to prayer.

If you’re interested in being recognized as a Prayer-helper by The Kindred of the Eternal, please send us an email at [email protected]

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The Core Truths of The Kindred of the Eternal

1. The Eternal is infinite, divine, supreme and entirely good.
2. Evil is not more powerful than good, and will eventually yield entirely to the power of the Eternal’s goodness.