a group of feathery beings enjoy the sunset together
a lone cormorant gazes out upon a vast blue universe of water and sky

June 24th – 30th, 2024

ak. Be A Fool In Your Love For Each Other

I love you so much,
I want you
to love each other
in like kind.

Not just a little,
rather, I want you
to go out of your way
to express the love
you have
in your heart.

I want you
to be a fool
for my sake,
to love so much
others laugh at you,
to love so much
others cry
tears of joy,
tears of relief,
tears of liberation
at finding my love
coming through you.

From the simplest
living thing ›

to the most grand,
I want you to
cherish each other
with all your strength
and all your mind,
so that this love
I give you
the darkest places
of existence,
for if you do this not,
you have no relation
to me,
and dwell
in that wretched darkness.

I want you to
search out
and find
the most despairing little lamb
that ever has been,
and take it
to your bosom
until it has grown
to find its way
in my love.

I want you
to bend over backwards,
and fly upside down,
and swim sideways,
and run straight up
into the air,
until my love
is known
and felt
and understood
in the farthest worlds
that ever have been
or shall be,
as well as
the very closest places
which you’ve never noticed.

Be a fool
in your love,
for one another,
for if you do this,
I will love you
with a fool’s love
for ever
and ever
and evermore.

This Weekly Study-text is one of a cycle of forty-one poems which comprise the book Messages From The Eternal: a book of poetry by d. g. watts © 2021

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